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This beautiful shoe reflect the luxury and style that has defined the brand, Bernardo, for almost 70 years. New innovative collections are introduced seasonally since the company launched the first collection in 1946. Products are handcrafted in Brazil using high quality artisanal leathers and expert craftsmanship. Each style is handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail and fit. This collection of women´s footwear offers everything you´re looking for — style, comfort, quality and value.

A special feature of this beautiful shoe is the sling, which is a elastic suspended piece of fabric in the front of the shoe which goes under the ball of your foot. This sling prevents the heel from slapping up as you walk and provides extreme comfort to the ball of your foot by slightly suspending it, whereby softening the impact on the ball of your foot. Available in whole sizes from 6 to 10.  If half size size up.  Available in Black/White & Platinum.

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