The first A. Renée Boutique, was opened during a very difficult time in my life in 2006.  I had just lost my fiancée to Cancer.  The store became my sanctuary.  I designed it with love, it was going to be a new start for us, and it ended up keeping me together. A local major newspaper wanted to do a story on A. Renée Boutique and she wrote it beautifully, the reporter was Michelle Sahn of the Asbury Park Press Newspaper. 

That story touched a lot of lives and
A. Renée Boutique became a haven for many women who experienced a similar loss.  They sought me out and we shared our experiences.  One woman, who lost her husband when her children were small, said she was proud of me for moving ahead; she remembered how very difficult it was for her and she had no choice but to hold it together.  We hugged and cried and she left with me a bit of herself that I will never forget. 

That store changed my life.  I realized how important clothing is to woman, it helps us connect and bond, reinvent ourselves, or make a strong or passive statement.  It elevates us, it speaks for us and it is our artistic expression of ourselves. 

A. Renée Boutique is for Women Who Dress to Kill.  We were those women, the Sex in the City women; we were single or married, juggling careers and relationships; trying to figure it all out.  We Dressed to Kill and contributed to the freedoms young women enjoy today. 

We are still those women; strong, smart, and sexy.  We still want to Dress to Kill.

New Orleans is the perfect place for the evolution of A. Renée Boutique.  The artistic expression of fashion is so accepted here.  There are no judgments, just joy and the freedom to be eclectic, passionate and expressive.